Life or Death | Lead | Ashley Landrieu  

Ashes to Ashes | Lead | Ashley Landrieu  

Quarantraining | Lead | Ashley Landrieu  

Final Exam | Supporting | Miranda Cano 

Two Seats | Lead | Spencer Crim 

Ragged Heart | Supporting | Evan McNary 

Home for Dinner | Lead | Alexa Valenti 

A Forgotten Curio Shop | Lead | Dasha Dider 

YEAH! | Lead Christopher Greening/Conner Baudier 

The Beekeeper and The Gardner | Lead Henry Fairbanks 

Cult Club | Lead Rachel Shirley 

The Graduate | Lead Luke Matchett 

They Call Him Death | Lead | Zandashé Brown 

Savannah's Secret | Supporting Lindsey Potter 

Until Proven Guilty | Lead Henry Hingle 


High, How Are You? | Recurring Character | Ashley Landrieu

Training & Workshops

Height: 5”4

Hair Color: Blonde

Eyes Color: Hazel

Location: New Orleans


Special Skills

Vocal Range: Alto

Stage Fighting 

Hand Pulls


Suicide Fall to 40ft

Rappelling to 40ft

Fly-by Wire

Zip Lines

Fire Prep and Safety 

Fire Burns (Partial and Full Body)

Water: water ski, water slalom ski, wake board, wake surf

Horse back riding (western and trail)

Aerial Silks (beginner)

Snow Ski


Dialects: Dublin, Country

Swim: freestyle, breast stroke, backstroke 

Certified Lifeguard 

Boater's License 

United States Passport


Private Acting Coaching | Lance Nichols | New Orleans, LA 

Acting Foundation Workshop,Intermediate, & Advanced Acting | Jim Gleason | The Working Actor's Studio

Acting for Film I & II   | Joe Chrest | Louisiana State University

Acting for Film | Wanetah Walsmey | New Orleans, LA 

Scene Study, Acting Technique  | Frank Krueger  | American Academy of Dramatic Arts        

Working in Film  | Betty Karlen  | AADA  

Audition Technique | Tim Landfield  | AADA

Movement I&II  | Mark Knowles | AADA

Sitcom | Jen Smolos | AADA

Commercial Technique  | Joel Brady | AADA

Beginner/Intermediate Stunts | John Zimmerman |  John Zimmerman's Stunt Camp 

On Camera Firearm and Tactics | Matt Clanton                                      

Acting III & IV  | George Judy | Louisiana State University

Voice I, II, & III  | Stacy Cabaj | LSU

Beginning/Intermediate Aerial Silks | Nick Erikson | LSU

Acting I & II  | Richard Holden | LSU


Almost Maine | LSU/Carla Lahey | 2017

Lead Actress: Glory, Waitress, Hope