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Ashley Landrieu

Current and Upcoming Projects

During the strike, I have been training with IDC Professionals to become an Intimacy Coordinator, training with armorers Eric and Adrianne Pettway, stunt coordinator Joe Perez, and continuing my work with James DuMont.

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About Me

   My name is Ashley Landrieu and I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. I knew I wanted to be an actress when I was five-years old, sitting in front of my family's old television watching Quest for Camelot. Watching that movie made me want to tell stories. Stories that can take a person out of this world just for a little bit. 

   I was in my first play when I was in fifth grade and continued to do any play I could during grammar school all through my high school, Mount Carmel Academy. During high school, I was in nine of the ten shows I could have been in and I was even the president of the drama club my senior year. 

   After graduating, I went to Louisiana State University to major in Theatre with a concentration in Performance. I loved everything about my college experience; from Saturday nights in Death Valley, to acting classes, film acting classes, aerial silks (learning and teaching), voice classes, and movement classes where I got my first taste of stage combat. My classes always presented me with a challenge and I welcomed it every time. 

    My first film appearance was during my Junior year of college. My team and I had the honor of winning LSU's Horribly Short 48 Hour Film Festival. It was during this time that I met Jim Gleason and Lance Nichols and began working with them over Facetime. That summer break I attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts for a two week film intensive where I got to meet some amazing people and work on my craft from another perspective. 

   Once I came back to Louisiana, I finished off my senior year by getting my Bachelor's Degree and graduating with honors from LSU. That summer I traveled to Switzerland for seven weeks and worked at a summer camp in the mountains. I used this time as a character study since I was meeting people from all over the world and learning about so many different cultures. It was also a great way to see some of the world that I learned so much about during school.

   Since being back in New Orleans, I immediately got started working with Lance Nichols and James DuMont. Since I've been studying with them for a few years now, I consider both of these incredible men to be my mentors and friends. 

   I've also been stunt training with LA Stunts in Georgia. I've been working on fight scenes, wire work, high falls, low falls, sword fighting, air rams, mini tramp, and body burns.  I would love to do some of my own stunts when I get cast in a film or TV show.   

   This is not just a hobby for me, it is my life. Since I knew at a very young age I was called to be in films and tell stories, I will do anything I can to make that happen. I am very persistent, strong, and driven, but I'm also a hopeless romantic and trustworthy. My dream jobs are to be in a Marvel film, a Nicholas Sparks movie, and a sit com like Friends. 

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